A Random Set of Thoughts

1 of 3: Writing True

I’ve completely lost track of time and have not been able to post anything lately. I actually have a lot of unfinished writings in my drafts but I have not been able to finish any of those. It’s not even because I live in a country with crappy internet connection and I can’t find a better internet provider nor is it because I have nothing to post about; in fact I have a lot I want to write about. It’s just that lately I’ve been slowly deteriorating and losing the will to finish what I started because as the day of my inspiration’s departure is coming, sadness is leisurely creeping up on me. I try hard not to dwell on it, finding ways to distract my over-thinking melodramatic self so I steered clear for posting anything in a while. I needed a bit of “mind resting” because writing makes you think. Continue reading


An Introvert’s Thoughts to The Cyberworld


Sometimes, I stay up late at night contemplating why the flow of my life is slow-paced compared to others. It’s like everyone’s riding a bullet train while I’m on a Tata Nano, waiting for people to push me before I go on full speed.

I periodically go through moods where I feel like I need to disconnect myself from the real world just to maintain the state of my mental health. But I never learn so while I disconnect myself from the real world, I connect into the cyberworld.

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Affairs of the Heart

This post is quite personal and something I solely dedicate to my partner.

I’ve been bursting with sooo much love for the past years that I can no longer contain myself. I really have to write about this feeling and just let it explode and be known by whoever that might read this.

If you personally know me, you would know that I’m in a long-term relationship with an extraordinary guy named Gerald.  We’ve been together for 5 years and already on our 6th this year. What I’m about to post is our story – how it started, some events that happened in between and the thereafter. So sit back, relax and endure the long post ahead.

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