A Random Set of Thoughts

1 of 3: Writing True

I’ve completely lost track of time and have not been able to post anything lately. I actually have a lot of unfinished writings in my drafts but I have not been able to finish any of those. It’s not even because I live in a country with crappy internet connection and I can’t find a better internet provider nor is it because I have nothing to post about; in fact I have a lot I want to write about. It’s just that lately I’ve been slowly deteriorating and losing the will to finish what I started because as the day of my inspiration’s departure is coming, sadness is leisurely creeping up on me. I try hard not to dwell on it, finding ways to distract my over-thinking melodramatic self so I steered clear for posting anything in a while. I needed a bit of “mind resting” because writing makes you think. Continue reading


An Introvert’s Thoughts to The Cyberworld


Sometimes, I stay up late at night contemplating why the flow of my life is slow-paced compared to others. It’s like everyone’s riding a bullet train while I’m on a Tata Nano, waiting for people to push me before I go on full speed.

I periodically go through moods where I feel like I need to disconnect myself from the real world just to maintain the state of my mental health. But I never learn so while I disconnect myself from the real world, I connect into the cyberworld.

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The Geektrospect Foodventure Series: Cavite, Makati, Tagaytay Restaurant Reviews

One of the things I’m going to try out on this blog is to post a month’s worth of restaurants I’ve been to and try to give a review about them.

This is far from what I want my blog to contain but I’ve thought about it and since the boyfriend and I see to it that we go to a different place every time we eat out, it would be a shame if we keep our ‘foodventures’ to ourselves. This is also me trying to add a more personal touch to this blog especially now that I’m planning to pay for its domain name and hosting (working on this atm).

On this post, I will backtrack to the restaurants we’ve been to so far or at least the ones which I’ve managed to save photos of.

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Affairs of the Heart

This post is quite personal and something I solely dedicate to my partner.

I’ve been bursting with sooo much love for the past years that I can no longer contain myself. I really have to write about this feeling and just let it explode and be known by whoever that might read this.

If you personally know me, you would know that I’m in a long-term relationship with an extraordinary guy named Gerald.  We’ve been together for 5 years and already on our 6th this year. What I’m about to post is our story – how it started, some events that happened in between and the thereafter. So sit back, relax and endure the long post ahead.

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‘Logan’: An In-depth Review and Analysis

WARNING: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS. You know the drill, read at your own risk.


Watching Logan yesterday left me in tears, a gaping hole in my heart and a brief moment of existential crisis. To cope up with that and to avoid spilling spoilers on my social media accounts, I decided to write a review and analysis of the movie here on my blog. A disclaimer though, I am no professional and this is my first time to do a movie review.

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Of Adulthood and Choices

Do you remember when you were young and it was so easy to answer the question, “What would you want to be when you grow up?”. During my time, the automatic answer for that was, “Doctor”. Why? Because Doctor is equal to cha-ching, mollah, $$$, M-O-N-E-Y. I find that amusing now though, it’s quite humorous how we have the mentality that when you become a Doctor, you’d automatically become rich. But what what we didn’t know back then was that you also have to invest a LOT of money before you can become one. So if you think about it, it’s money for money. That’s basically how the world works.

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An Introduction

Hi fellow geeks!

Hooray for my first blog post! Pardon my lack of design and visuals though, will fix that when I have the “time”.

Anywho, would you believe that this blog was made out of frustration? Frustration for The Walking Dead that is (actually, my own personal frustrations included- but let me talk about that in another post, ye?). Yes, I am one of those TWD fans that has gone berserk after watching the season finale! And I just couldn’t contain myself, I needed a place to vent out and write my frustrations unto. But a piece of paper isn’t enough- I would have no one to share and discuss my theories/comments/rants with. And Facebook is definitely not the place – people who hate spoilers might hunt me down and massacre the spoiler out of me. lol

I know what your thinking! Why would I name this blog -geektrospect- if I would just post TWD stuff?? Because you are wrong! This blog won’t only contain TWD stuff but rather, this will be the place where I would share my “geeky” knowledge as well as my personal introspection.

My “geeky” knowledge means: my devotion for being an IT professional, my amusement with TV series and movies, my adoration for comic books, my addiction with video games, my fondness for anime (mostly One Piece) and ofcourse, my undying love for books.

Here’s my Geek Code:


Version: 3.1

GIT/TW/O d-(-)@ s->+: a– C++(+++)$>++++ ULS>++++$ P+>++++$ L+>++++$ !E–? W@>+++ N*? !o- K-? w+@>+++$ !O !M>++ !V PS PE– !Y+ !PGP- t@ !5 X+@ R@ tv+++>$ b+++>++++$ DI+ D+ G+ e++>+++ h– r++>+++ x?


Can you decode it?

That’s all for now!  Tune in for my next post where I talk about my theory for The Walking Dead’s season finale!

P.S. Please don’t judge me with this blog design yet as I would like to take the time to design this blog of mine. As of the moment, the posts are all that matters *grins*