Hi, Welcome to my blog!

I’m Allyza Makyle from the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. I’m a self-proclaimed geek who’s into video games, books, comics, TV series, movies and other ‘geeky’ stuff that catches my fancy. Yep me, just your typical introvert bookworm stereotype (or am I?) who rarely drinks, is completely drug-free and exhibits a fear for rule-breaking instilled by years of religious beliefs and society-conscious relatives.  On most days, I spend my life (just like any other normal human being) slaving away for my 9-5 job as a programmer analyst. I don’t entirely hate it  but I’m barely hanging on, hoping someday soon I will find my true place.

One of these days I really ought to write a book  blog about my life. But then again, I am just an average Filipina, no longer a girl but not yet a woman, not in my parents’ eyes nor in mine.  Maybe I just really like to be melodramatic. I tend to see my life and daily problems as if in a script; something like, “..can’t see your boyfriend for two weeks? chalk up the loneliness, exit room, slow fade to black..”

I made this blog with a dual purpose – to have my own little space in the cyber world where I can share all my geeky knowledge (GEEK) and a place to vent my personal ramblings, thoughts and feelings (INTROSPECT). Hence the blog name, GEEKTROSPECT.


*** This blog is currently under construction (design-wise) so please be patient ***


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