‘Wonder Woman’: A Spoiler Free Movie Review + Facts


Did you know that Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth recently exchanged tweets about a DCEU and MCU crossover? Fans of course would love the idea of the Justice League crossing over to the world of the Avengers but is it really going to happen? I doubt it but I’m not entirely losing hope because it actually already happened in the comic world! Yes, you’ve read that right. In one of those rare DC and Marvel comics crossover, Wonder Woman was able to lift Thor’s Hammer! Don’t believe me? I always have proof:

It’s also quite rare to see a solo female superhero movie so ever since it was announced that Wonder Woman will have a solo film, I’ve been dying to watch it and see if Gal Gadot would live up to her character as the new Wonder Woman. Now that I’ve watched it, I have nothing but praise for the goddess-like actress. She perfectly fits the Wonder Woman title because she is literally a “wonder” – not only to the eyes but in so many other ways. But of course, as beautifully distracting as Gal Gadot is, this post isn’t about her. 

My Review:
Wonder Woman was everything I expected it to be – an overtly yet subtle feminist film. As we all know, the Wonder Woman comics was inspired by feminism and the movie most likely showed a few of these.

From the prologue on Themyscira, Diana’s coming of age up to her venture in the human world. An all-female island where Amazonians are trained to be warriors thus making Diana believe she can do anything despite her gender – even defeating a god. Going inside a meeting full of men, comparing a secretary job to slavery and even not letting any man say what she can and can’t do. Wonder Woman celebrates feminity in many ways and shows that you should never apologize for being a woman.

Aside from championing feminism, Wonder Woman was also getting a lot of positive reviews for being the best DC film yet. You could already hear the collective sigh of relief from the head of the DC Films and Warner Brothers as Wonder Woman raised the bar for the entire comic-film game.

Wonder Woman is an emotional exploration of human inclination towards good an evil and at the center is a character who stands out among everyone else. It is a movie that deserves every ounce of praise it has been getting and definitely worth watching 😉


Facts You Might Not Know About Wonder Woman:

  • Wonder Woman’s bracelet limits her power. In one issue of the comics, Diana removed her bracelets before engaging in a fight with a God and she becomes more ruthless and powerful. It was also stated in that issue that the bracelets were what defended her opponents from her intense power.


  • Her tiara is so sharp that it can cut Superman.


  • Wonder Woman and Superman became a couple on the comic world. She also once dated the Batman.


  • In the early comics, Wonder Woman was shown to have the most ridiculous weakness: She will be rendered powerless whenever a man wields or binds her bracelets together. (Good thing this idea was tossed out in the 80’s)








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