The Geektrospect Foodventure Series: Cavite, Makati, Tagaytay Restaurant Reviews

One of the things I’m going to try out on this blog is to post a month’s worth of restaurants I’ve been to and try to give a review about them.

This is far from what I want my blog to contain but I’ve thought about it and since the boyfriend and I see to it that we go to a different place every time we eat out, it would be a shame if we keep our ‘foodventures’ to ourselves. This is also me trying to add a more personal touch to this blog especially now that I’m planning to pay for its domain name and hosting (working on this atm).

On this post, I will backtrack to the restaurants we’ve been to so far or at least the ones which I’ve managed to save photos of.

Holy Cow! Steak Ranch and American Grill – SM Dasmariñas (December 2016) 

This was the time my grandmother spent a few days with us. We haven’t seen each other for awhile since she live in Baguio while we stay at Cavite so to treat her, we had dinner at Holy Cow! Steak Ranch and American Grill. 

This restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for a place to eat with your family and friends. Their food is on the pricey side but you can save a lot if you’re eating with a group. The service though is quite slow so if you’re hungry, I do not recommend this place. I’m someone who doesn’t mind waiting as long as the taste of the food compensate to that so this restaurant was pretty much passable to me.

Rating: ★★★



Pancake House – SM Trece (December 2016)

Every now and then especially during times when my younger sister who’s currently in College is with us, I see to it that we go out to bond because we don’t always see each other. My sister is currently studying in Baguio and it always amazes me how independent she can be sometimes. We’re somewhat the opposite of each other, I’ve been with our parents through the 20+ years of my life, never leaving their side while my 19 year old sister is living 194.5 miles away from us. But we might as well get used to it since she’s currently studying Tourism and we all know how their career goes.

Anyway, I have been to Pancake House countless of times but guess what? It’s not the pancake I like about them, it’s the savory meals. Whenever we go there, we always order their set meals because in that way, we can taste everything without totally burning our my wallet.



Top Left: Hamburger Steak Special Set, Top Right: Pan Chicken Special Set, Bottom Left: Spaghetti Club Special, Bottom Right: House Special Set


Chocolate Marble Pancake for dessert!


Nihonbashi Tei – San Lorenzo, Makati City (January 2017)

One of things I love most about my boyfriend (Gerald)  is when I’m craving something, he will always be there to provide me with it. No complaints, whatsoever. So when I was craving for Japanese food, he knew exactly where to take me.

Too bad I wan’t able to take a photo of the place but it got this rustic feel to it. I did want to eat at one of those enclosed private rooms but as usual, I was too shy to ask the waitress and even my boyfriend to change seats! (I swear my shyness will be the death of me). The restaurant was packed anyways so I doubt there were any free seat for us in those closed doors.

The food in Nihonbashi Tei was not only great but also affordable. Take note that we live in a country where Japanese food is expensive so I find the price here affordable compared to others.  I liked the food so much that I will definitely go back to further explore their menu. If only we weren’t in a hurry, I would have ordered so much more. (You read that, Gerald? Balik tayo ha?)

Rating: ★★★★



Conti’s – Greenbelt, Makati City (January 2017)

Gerald and I used to be the “takaw-tingin” type of customers that during our past foodventures, we always tend to overwhelm ourselves with too much food and end up forcing ourselves to eat whatever was left. Sometimes we forget that our stomachs are not bottomless pits, LOL. Nowadays, we try to minimize our orders into one meal each and one order of any side meal. We would only order more if we’re still hungry afterwards which was the case when we went to Conti’s.

Conti’s does not only sell cakes and dessert, they also serve restaurant meals.  The service was good and the food was okay, nothing special. If you ask me, I would recommend you to go here if you’re craving for dessert and I assure you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: ★★★


Pancake House – SM Trece (February 2017)

Gerald and I would see to it that we don’t repeat going to a certain restaurant unless we really liked the food but at times when I’m too lazy to travel from Cavite to Manila or just not in the mood to go places, we chose the nearest restaurant we could find. Since the nearest establishment to my house was SM Trece, it was an evident choice.

We also avoid fast food chains as much as possible and would only try the new ones. So here we are again at Pancake House. Like I mentioned earlier, set meals are a must at this restaurant.

Rating:★★★★ (Added another star because I loved their Roast Beef!)


I ordered the Roast Beef Special Set (recommend!) while Gerald chose Pork Vienna.


Side order of Mac and Cheese.

Bag of Beans – Tagaytay (March 2017)

A spontaneous trip to Tagaytay was exactly what I needed to ease the stress I was feeling because of my current life choices. I also needed to escape the heat of Manila even just for a moment.

Of course a trip to Tagaytay wouldn’t be complete without going to one of their most recommended restaurant, Bag of Beans. The ambiance and location was perfect. Feeling the cold breeze made me want to pack my bags and go back to my hometown, Baguio City. Oh how I miss that place.

Unfortunately, the ambiance didn’t make up for the service. I understand it was a busy weekend but making your customers wait for 30 minutes every time you’re being called is a big letdown to me. See my pissed off look in the photo below? I was going hangry (hungry + angry) waiting for our food and the moment I tasted it? It was meh. I probably ordered the wrong dish but I don’t think I would be going back to this place. If I ever do, I’ll stick to their beverages.

Rating: ★★


Pasta with Garlic and Mushroom + Sheperd’s Pie at the back


The Lasagna kind-of brightened up my mood.

Mad Mark’s Creamery & Good Eats – Glorietta Complex (March 2017)

I always have an “Eat” list inside my wallet whenever I go out with Gerald so we can easily decide where to eat next. Funny enough, I would still end up undecided because there’s too many restaurants I want to try out. That’s how indecisive I am, haha.

After a few hours of deciding and the boyfriend constantly asking me where we should eat, off we go to Mad Mark’s merely because it was the last restaurant I read a review about (I’m so good at decision making, right? /sarcasm).

Imagine my satisfaction when I realized I actually made the right decision, HAHA. Mad Mark’s is the place to go when you’re looking for quality steak with affordable price. Their Johnie Double Black Ribs was so good that I made Gerald feed me fork fulls of it while I was munching on my Steak Burger. Their Iced Tea was also deliciously brewed!

Sad to say we were not able to try out their ice cream when it was their signature product. Can you believe it? We were too full for dessert. But hey, at least I have a reason to come back 😉

Rating: ★★★★


Gerald ordered the Johnie Double Black Ribs (top) while I got the Steak Burger (bottom)


Okay.. I lied, I actually had room for dessert but I was eyeing a different one. I had TWG‘s Napoleon Tea Ice Cream but it was a bad decision, I should have just ordered at Mad Mark’s. This one’s overly sweet so I forced myself to finish it. If I had water with me, I would have poured the whole bottle in it. Sorry!


Hole In The Wall – Century Mall, Makati (April 2017)

Do you know that feeling when everything you planned for the day did not go well and add to that the stress caused by the scorching heat and inescapable traffic of Manila? I would never permanently live here I tell you. I would not even dare set foot on Manila if not for the abundance of places to eat. Hashtag Food Is Life. The sole reason I go to Manila (specifically Makati) is because the boyfriend lives there. Hashtag All For The Name Of Love. LOL

This was a long day for us and I was getting moody. Can you guess what can instantly uplift my spirit and brighten up my mood? Food, of course! Gerald knows me well enough that he decided to surprisingly bring me to Hole In The Wall; a place where we can eat a variety of food. Food trip for the win!

I was a bit amused because people kept on side-glancing our table. I was wondering whether they think we ordered too much or if they were just curious to see what was on our table.  I had so much fun wandering around, deciding which to buy.

Bad Bird (Rating:★★★★) was an easy decision because it’s one of the stalls with the highest rating and it did not disappoint. I was craving for pizza so I ordered Italian Stallion from Serious Dough (Rating:★★) but I can’t say much about this one because I did not like it. I guess I chose the wrong flavor again.


For dessert,  we got 3 pcs of Cub Scout Cookies from Scout’s Honor (Rating:★★★★) and a Matcha Egg Waffle from Milk Trade (Rating:★★★★).  I would have given Scout’s Honor 5 stars if not for the price. Paying P150 for cookies as big as your palm? Butas ang wallet. I do recommend the one I got which was P180 for 3 pcs of cookies. As for Milk Trade, I loved their egg waffle and I regret not trying out their Steamed Milk! Maybe next time 🙂

Overall Rating: ★★★★


Sizzlin’ Steak – SM Trece (April 2017)

This was one of those lazy days so after a whole day of watching movies, the bf and I decided to eat out. That one restaurant we haven’t tried at SM Trece was Sizzlin’ Steak. We always walked passed this restaurant, avoiding it because most times, the place seems empty. Little did we know that they actually serve good food.

Sizzlin’ Steak serves good food with a reasonable price plus they have unlimited sauce!




Cheesy Beef Rice and Corn Soup (right) for me.  Pork BBQ Rice and  Egg Drop Soup (left) for the bf.



…And that concludes this post. Next time, I will make sure to take more photos and try to give a more detailed review of each dish.

P.S.: I’m currently in the process of  improving this blog. Would you like me to post more of this? Kindly message me or comment down below. Thank you!

Disclaimer: I am no expert. My reviews and ratings are solely based on personal preference.


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