‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’: Brief Review + Meaning of Post-Credit Scenes

Are you one of those keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? With all the Marvel films lined up this coming years, the MCU will certainly expand. If you miss out even just one movie, I assure you there will be parts of these MCU films you will find confusing (or easter eggs you won’t even notice). But no worries! You can check out my previous post so you can backtrack and see if you’ve missed anything.

(Yep, shameless plugging right there. LOL ;))

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is the 3rd movie of ‘Phase 3’ and the first MCU film this year which will immediately be followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Fun Fact: In the comics, there’s a connection between Star-Lord and Spider-Man. Originally, Star-Lord‘s love interest isn’t Gamora, it’s Kitty Pryde. Now if you’re wondering what’s Spider-Man connection to this, well apparently, Kitty Pryde is Peter Parker‘s ex girlfriend! I guess Kitty Pryde is a ‘Peter’ lover, lol.

Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men Black Vortex Omega Vol 11

My Review:

To be honest, I’m one of those who thinks that the first movie was so much better than this sequel. Let’s not forget that nobody paid attention to GOTG until the first movie was released. Everybody fell in love with the dynamics of the characters and in no time, these not-so-well-known characters became household names.

What made GOTG likable in the first place was its humor and comedic vibe but with Vol. 2 imo, this element felt forced. I think they attempted too much to make it funnier than the first one that it felt like it was somehow bombarded with too many unnecessary jokes.

Don’t get me wrong though, overall, I still find the movie great and “funny”.  On most parts, I still laughed and giggled here and then. My favorite was the part when Rocket was explaining to baby Groot how to operate the bomb and I also was not able to stop myself from laughing during the part when Groot was bringing all sorts of stuff to Yondu when he was simply asking for his “fin”.


“I am Groot.”

Another thing I liked about the movie was all the hidden Easter eggs particularly those in the end-credit scenes. If you had no idea what the post-credit scenes were about or just too impatient to wait until the end then read ahead.

Post-Credit Scenes:

There are 5 post-credit scenes in GOTG but I will exclude the first (Yondu’s replacement?) and the fourth one (Teen Groot) because those are pretty much self-explanatory.

  • In the wake of Yondu’s funeral, Stakar Ogord/Starhawk (Sylvester Stallone) tells the other Ravager captains that they should reunite. This scene reveals what was hinted at earlier in the movie – Yondu and Stakar/Starhawk  were both members of an older version of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Yep! Stakar, his sister Aleta Ogord (Michelle Yeoh), Charlie-27 (Ving Rhames), Martinex (Michael Rosenbaum), Mainframe (voiced by Miley Cyrus?), Krugarr and Yondu were the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Does that mean they will appear on the upcoming GOTG and/or MCU films? I can only wish! I want more screen time for them.


  • The leader of the Sovereign, Ayesha is seen pondering  and stating, “I think I shall call him Adam.” while looking at a large, golden incubation pod. Inside that pod is Adam Warlock (aka “Him” and Ayesha’s “Her” counterpart), a character who was teased as an Easter egg in the first movie but who is now guaranteed to make an appearance in the MCU. In the comics, Adam is Thanos’ nemesis and the one who possessed the Soul Gem (which is the one Infinity Stone that hasn’t been revealed in the MCU yet). Does this mean he will also possess the Soul Gem in the MCU films as well? We’re yet to find out.


  • The final credit scene shows (the master of cameo) Stan Lee with the Watchers, they eventually  become bored and leave as Stan Lee says, “I’ve still got more stories to tell!”. In case you didn’t know, The Watchers are an ancient race of aliens who seek to observe and document the universe’s life, never interfering with it (and by “never interfering”, they mean meddling big time haha kidding). If one shows up it’s usually bad news, because it means something big is about to happen, you know, so they can record it. I wouldn’t know if this one has any major significance to the MCU but it may hint that Stan Lee’s cameos isn’t just for laughs but has a deeper connection to the MCU like this one perhaps?


Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was awesome especially in terms of character development and still one of the ‘better’ Marvel films.

P.S. I honestly don’t know why I find the jokes in this movie too excessive, it may have just been my mood or I just did not get those at all but coming from a person who was obsessed with the Deadpool movie? Srsly, humor me.


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