Affairs of the Heart

This post is quite personal and something I solely dedicate to my partner.

I’ve been bursting with sooo much love for the past years that I can no longer contain myself. I really have to write about this feeling and just let it explode and be known by whoever that might read this.

If you personally know me, you would know that I’m in a long-term relationship with an extraordinary guy named Gerald.  We’ve been together for 5 years and already on our 6th this year. What I’m about to post is our story – how it started, some events that happened in between and the thereafter. So sit back, relax and endure the long post ahead.

How we met

We met during college after I transferred from a school because of a past I wanted to leave behind. I was the new girl and I haven’t even met him yet but we were already connected. This is something that I lately realized; that one way or another even in a parallel universe where I didn’t transferred schools, we would still cross each other’s path.

I honestly can’t remember the first time I saw him since I wasn’t paying attention at that time but he told me he saw me while I was enrolling. Maybe I already saw him that enrollment day or during the first day of the class we had together but weirdly enough, I would hear his name being mentioned whenever I’m around. I don’t know if it was intentional or by accident but because of that, I already knew his name before he even had the guts to talk to me.

Our first encounter was rather funny, it was during my free period. I was sitting alone by the lobby, reading a book and this guy suddenly sat beside me asking what I was holding (in verbatim, “Ano yan?”). If you know me, you know how sarcastic I can get when a stranger ask me an obvious question. My sarcastic self would have frowned at him and told him the obvious but it was a good thing that my courteous self was the one dominating at that time. So out of courtesy, I told him the title of the book. The funny thing about it was when I told him about this, he said that it was really a good thing that I didn’t answered him sarcastically because if I did, he might have walked out right then and there (haha). See, he also told me that I was the first and only girl he started a conversation with. (Gets mo? ewan ko din kung maniniwala ako eh, hahaha!). The book I was holding back then is now a constant reminder of that first “talk”.

I would also never forget how his friends teased him that day. It did made things awkward but it added a sense of humor during that very skittish moment.

The Courtship Phase

To be honest, he was not really my type back then. Okay wait, before you react, let me explain. My first impression of him was I thought he was the kind of guy that parents are afraid their daughters will date (hihi sorry). He had a bad boy aura going on around him, a kind of siga look and he always had a hard expression on his face that would make you think he’ll snap at you just by glancing at him. But as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

I would not go into detail with how our courtship went but I can say that he did everything to win me over. My feelings for him was unexpected, I never really thought I’d fall for him until I got to know him. His patience was the first thing that got me attracted and then I saw his determination to not let anything nor anybody get in his way to capture my heart. I completely fell in love with him when I realized that he was not really the “bad boy” I expected him to be. That behind the siga look and hard expression on his face was a sweet guy with a warm heart. And that he was actually the kind of guy that I would like my parents to meet.

5 years of love, shortcomings and everything in between.

Being with Gerald for five years taught me a lot of things and through the years, we grew closer and saw each other’s best and worst.  I can say that the more days we spend together, the more I feel enamored with him.

During our first few years especially during college, we experienced a lot of things together. We were classmates in many subjects,  we were thesis mates, we graduated together and we were there for each other during our first jobs. We struggled and celebrated together.  I got so accustomed in doing things together with him that I never thought there would come a time where we had to deal with a long distance relationship.

Our fourth year was the worst. But that’s a story I’m not willing to tell.

Of course, just like every other relationship, we also had our ups and downs. I hate to admit it but our downfall was mostly my fault, I was the jerk in the relationship. I am a foolish girl to the extent that my foolishness almost cost our relationship. It was a good thing my guy was there to get my head straight and never again will I do something so stupid just because of a struggle in the relationship that I can’t handle.

However, I can attest that we never fought or had any quarrel yet. If we do argue, it’s never a squabble but merely a one-sided “tampo”. I say one-sided because it’s always me who starts the pagtatampo (curse you, moodswings) and never him. In fact, he totally ignores that side of mine. Well not literally, he ignores it in a way that when I’m in that mood, he would tease me and feed me (HAHA!). I’m not a nagger but the silent-type so whenever I’m angry, I use the silent treatment to *punish* him. It’s frustrating how that doesn’t work on him now, he already know me so well that he knows exactly what to do to make me talk and completely forget that I was upset in the first place.

The Secret to a Long Lasting Relationship

Kidding, I don’t exactly know what’s the secret to a long lasting relationship. I’ve asked this question many times but all I get is a barrage of cliché advice.  However, no matter how cliché, I think it’s worth taking note: They say that we should treat the relationship like it was new each and every day, and that we should concentrate on the things that brought us together in the first place.

I think that’s something we exactly do; we still treat each other like it’s the first time we’ve fallen in love. With the little things he does to make my heart flutter everyday, the feeling of falling more in love with him also comes naturally. I’m one lucky person to have someone who treats me like how he did on day one. There was no catch. The more I get to know him, the more I’m assured that he had always been a great guy. And that he is the kind of man that you won’t ever regret marrying (whooops! *not hinting*).

Gerald was more than I could ask for. He exceeded my expectations and continues to do so. I don’t know what I did but it must have been something good for me to be able to deserve a guy like him. It’s a privilege to be a part of his life and be called his girlfriend.

I don’t know what the future will bring us but I do know that I’m more than willing to go to the ends of the earth and even through the depths of hell just for him.


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