My Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

I’ve been writing a thorough post about the prophecies and their relating theories that have been generally discussed in the Game of Thrones universe but it’s taking me longer than planned. This is suppose to be published after that but I’ve finished this first so I may as well post it now.


**There are spoilers ahead, both from the books and the TV show. Anything written beyond this point may ruin your viewing and reading experience. You’ve been warned.**

Below are events I predict to happen on the upcoming season of GOT:

  • Sansa and Jon will have a conflict. Hold your horses, I know this is something that every Stark fan is against but I have a feeling it will happen. I also have evidence because D&D said in an interview that Sansa was jealous that Jon was proclaimed the King of the North. However, I also think that if they end up having a conflict, it will be for Sansa’s character growth. Something that will make her finally choose to side with her family rather than against them. Remember in Season 1 when she sided with Joffrey/Cersei over her family because she wanted to be Queen? That might be something that Little Finger will eventually offer her but this time would ultimately side with her family instead.


  • Littlefinger will die. Baelish or otherwise know as Littlefinger, the cunning man he is, might just get a taste of his own medicine. He will be exposed for his crimes against the Stark/Arryn families and will die at the hands of either Sansa or Arya. I’m betting for Arya though.


  • Arya and Nymeria reunion. This is what I’m looking forward to the most. With Arya being in the Riverlands, she will encounter Nymeria and hopefully just like in the books, the long-lost direwolf will come with a pack.


  • Arya will finish off her kill list. One of the things she will do is to use Walder Frey’s face and hold a banquet to poison the old man’s sons. Also, in her journey to Winterfell, she will either encounter Melisandre, the Hound or Gendry.


  • Bran will cross the Wall and will nullify the Wall’s magic protection. When Bran was touched by the Night’s King during one of his visions, he was marked and it allowed the White Walkers and the army of  wights to trespass on ground that was formerly magically protected. Now, as he plans to head south of the Wall, it’s likely that he’ll break the protective enchantment, allowing the Night King’s armies to breach the Wall. If you’re wondering why him; there’s a theory which states that Bran Stark is Bran the Builder and all the other past Bran for that matter.  Another theory associates him with the Horn of Winter.


  • The Wall will fall. It will fall either because of Bran (see above) or the Night’s King will use a (literal) Horn of Winter, something that the Free folk believed that when blown will bring down the Wall.


  • Bran comes into his full power as a Greenseer. I think Bran possessing the power of Greensight (the ability to perceive future, past, and dreams) will have a major role in the impending fight with the Others. Do take note that this is different from his ability to Warg (telepathically travel into another creature).


  • Samwell Tarly  will (obviously) learn something important during his studies at the Citadel.  Sam would either find the secrets of forging Valyrian steel and creating a large amount of Dragonglass or find information about Jon’s true parentage. He would then leave Oldtown for Winterfell.


  • Jon will find out his parentage. This will either be revealed by Bran or by Sam. It is also possible that Jon will find it out himself. In the books, Jon had recurring dreams about the Crypts of Winterfell so he will likely discover the truth during a visit there. Sad part is, I’m one of those who is under the impression that Jon and Daenerys will make love first before he finds out. (If that happens, it will be really funny because that will be the first accidental Targaryen incest, lol.)


  • Jon and Daenerys will meet. Dany would of course command Jon to bend the knee but he would refuse. There will be tension between them at the beginning but won’t escalate due to Tyrion’s advice. Tyrion would also be the one to suggest Dany to marry Jon (Blech! I don’t like this to happen but I know it will. Hate me all you want, I just don’t ship them.)


  • Tyrion will ride one of Daenerys’ dragons. Oh boy,  I won’t be able to briefly explain this so wait for my next post. What I can say is that this has something to do with the The Dragon has Three Heads theory. It states that as one of the heads, Tyrion is not a really a Lion but a Dragon (Wait, what? Tyrion is a Targaryen?  We’re on the same page, I find this theory UNACCEPTABLE. It is totally reaching!)


  • Jamie will kill Cersei. With Arya’s killing list going smoothly and Cersei being part of that list, a lot of people think that Arya will be the one to kill Cersei but I believe otherwise. Taking the prophecy of Maggy The Frog into consideration, the maegi told Cersei that she’ll meet a gruesome end at the hands of “the valonquar,” which is Valyrian for “little brother.” In case you’re still not aware, that’s one reason why Cersei had a life-long distaste for Tyrion because she thinks he’ll be the one to kill her in the end. But the thing is, Jamie is technically her little brother as well and considering Jaime’s history of dealing with Mad Kings, it’s only fitting that he becomes a Queen Slayer too.


  • Varys will play a big role this season. Out of all the characters, I think Varys is the best in playing the game and also the one whose true intentions are not yet revealed. I have an unsettling feeling about him especially during those times when he had conversations with LF in front of the Iron Throne. I also think he has a secret identity which may or may not be revealed this season.


  • The Azor Ahai/TPtwP/Last Hero Prophecy will be slowly fulfilled. Don’t know what this is? Look forward for my next post so you can know more details regarding these prophecies. (hehe, segway)
  • The Starks will reunite at Winterfell. It might take some time for Bran and Arya’s arrival but I do hope for this to happen. If not, my heart will be crushed (Please D&D, PLEASEEEE!). Also, is there really no hope for Lady Stoneheart to appear on the show??


  • NO HAPPY ENDING, All Men Will Die. Isn’t this a given? Remember what Ramsay said?


BWAHAHAHA. The GRRM vibe is clinging onto me.




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