‘Logan’: An In-depth Review and Analysis

WARNING: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS. You know the drill, read at your own risk.


Watching Logan yesterday left me in tears, a gaping hole in my heart and a brief moment of existential crisis. To cope up with that and to avoid spilling spoilers on my social media accounts, I decided to write a review and analysis of the movie here on my blog. A disclaimer though, I am no professional and this is my first time to do a movie review.

My Review:

I’m still hung up on the fact that this is the last time we’ll see Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. He played the role for 17 years but is now ready to pass the ‘claws’ to someone else. Despite that, I think Logan was a fitting and satisfying conclusion to his Wolverine era.


The one and only *cries a river*

I  have always disliked how Wolverine movies were made family-friendly so imagine my excitement when it was announced that this was going to be an R-rated film. For once, it was fulfilling to see how truly violent and brutal Wolverine is. He is, after all, an anti-hero. The film was a great reminder that he has a fondness for violence, and seeing him severe limbs and decapitate enemies is how I have always wanted to see him portrayed on the big screen.


Not only was the movie violent, it was also very gloomy. If the intention was to make everyone depressed after watching then it hit all the right spots. Tears welled up my eyes seeing how fragile Charles have become. Tears were eventually flowing when Charles was lying down and talking about how he doesn’t deserve the “perfect night” and then dying thinking so. I full out cried when Logan was convincing Charles that it wasn’t him who stabbed him. I let out a silent cry when the Caliban died. Then when I was no longer able to help it, I sobbed during Charles’ burial scene. I ugly cried when Laura said ‘Daddy’ and it was the end of me when she turned the cross into an X.


An Analysis:

In the end, I knew Logan’s death was inevitable but it’s still devastating to think that out of all the super hero movie characters, he’s one of those who has suffered the most. Let’s take a look back at the past X-Men movies so you can see where I’m coming from:

  • X-Men Origins: Kills his own father and betrayed by his love interest.


  • X-Men Trilogy: Falls in love with Jean Grey (who btw, was already taken at that time), witnesses her die, witnesses her (as Dark Phoenix) kill her friends, and in the end, kills her himself.



  • The Wolverine: Tormented by hallucinations of Jean Grey.


  • Days Of the Future Past: Witness to the extermination of mutants so he traveled back in time to 1973 to prevent that event from happening. Goes back to a future where everyone is alive.


And as if not to intentionally torment our feelings, the movie Logan kind of shows that all his efforts were in vain because all mutants still end up getting wiped out. I also believe that this film is the defining proof of all his sufferings.

Reasons listed below:

  • Took care of the person (Professor X) responsible in accidentally killing his fellow mutants
  • Lived his life on the run trying to hide his real identity
  • Couldn’t save the only person he’s been keeping safe
  • Witnessed the death of that person
  • Lost the last two mutants he knew
  • Pushed everyone away and stated that everyone who comes close to him is put in danger.
  • Only had a brief moment of happiness before his last breathe

While I’m at it, we shouldn’t forget that Logan was not the only one suffering in the movie, there was also Charles Xavier (aka Professor X).


Despite all of Wolverine’s actions and all of Charles’ hopes to better the relationship between humans and mutants, humans still ended up wiping out mutants. And worse, in this timeline, it wasn’t only the humans that killed them, it was also Charles himself.

Xavier’s entire life purpose, the foundation of his being – his belief that people are good and that despite the fear of the unknown, humans could learn to accept mutants, was for nothing. 17 years worth of movies with two different timelines and in both, Xavier watches as the mutants get eradicated. And worse, he’s one of the reasons for it in the second, “fixed” timeline. And after all of that? Instead of dying peacefully after a life of trials and tribulations, he dies finally remembering that he killed mutants by accident and then having what appears to be Logan stab him unceremoniously in the chest.

A tiny part of me wishes there was more to this story so at the very least we could see them get some sort of amend for the physical and mental torture they have experienced through all the years. But of course, a grim ending was what was suppose to happen and I still love every single part of the movie no matter how distressing it was.


Questions Left Unanswered:

Below are a few FAQ I want to share with you and please feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong.

Q: Where are the other X-Men?

A: Dead. I think it was indicated in the movie that Professor X was responsible for that, he probably accidentally killed them during one of his seizures.

Q: Is X-23 really the daughter of Logan?

A: More like clone-daughter. Apparently, she’s cloned from a damaged copy of Wolverine’s genome.

Q: How did Wolverine lose his healing ability?

A: Although not explained in the movie, it is possible that he was affected by the virus that wiped out mutantkind thus slowing down his healing ability. 

Q: How did Logan become sick?

A:   It’s pretty much obvious from seeing the movie that he was being poisoned by the Adamantium. Add to that his failing healing factor which made him more vulnerable to it.

Q: Why was Logan carrying an adamantium bullet?

A: To kill himself with it. I also read that it maybe inferred that Logan would have stayed with Charles until he passed of old age, and then commit suicide with the Adamantium bullet he was carrying around.

Q: What was Logan trying to say over Charles’ grave?

A: “There’s water…”, “Our boat… the Sunseeker.” Logan was trying to tell Charles that the place he was buried wasn’t so bad. They actually made a promise to each other about the Sunseeker(the boat they wanted to buy) and among Charles’ last words were him asking about that boat. Water was mentioned because they were suppose to spend the last of their days on the ocean. *cries while typing* 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think Logan is the darkest and heaviest comic book movie I have ever watched. It was the perfect ending to Jackman’s role as Wolverine. I also think the actress who played as X-23 also did a fantastic job especially acting with the likes of Patrick and Hugh. With that, I can say that this has automatically become my second favorite superhero movie of all time.


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