Final Fantasy Facts and Theories

I become sentimental whenever I hear the words Final Fantasy. It takes me back to my childhood, the time when  I used to only watch my dad play. I was already exposed to a lot of videogames during my childhood years because my relatives on my father’s side has always been gamers. But back then, I was only a watcher and never a player.. well until my dad introduced Final Fantasy to me. Over the years, I’ve transitioned into playing an hour in a day to playing the whole day and never getting out of our house.


Remember this lovely thing?

Final Fantasy VII was the first game I ever played and it was like love at first sight, I would feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I hear the blissful sound of the Victory Fanfare.

If you played Final Fantasy, you would know exactly how it feels when I say that almost every FF ending leaves you with a lot of questions and would wonder if it’s real or is it fantasy.. (haha, see what I did there?) Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite FF facts and theories.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk.3


  • For the first half of the Final Fantasy VII game, Cloud is actually a combination of Zack, the ‘Ideal SOLDIER’, and Cloud himself, which is the least dominant aspect of his personality. It’s strongly suggested that the voice Cloud is hearing inside his head is actually his own subconscious, the real Cloud trying to break through. This is often made evident by Tifa’s reactions to what Cloud says, especially concerning the events of Nibelheim five years ago. She often asks Cloud for details, and doesn’t seem satisfied by his answers. She doesn’t seem to know exactly what is happening to Cloud, and she admits that she is ‘too scared to find out’.


    Zack or Cloud? Cloud or Zack? *sobs*

  • There’s a cutscene in VII that you can trigger if you revisit the Nibelheim mansion basement after you fight Hojo.

Seen this one yet? *cries in a corner*

  • Squall is Laguna’s biological son. Yes! You’ve read that right. If you’re a good observer, you’ll notice that this was something that was heavily implied during the game. Don’t believe me? If you talk to Kiros and Ward on the Ragnarok at the end, he’ll say something a long the lines, “You look like your mother”, and when you talk to Ward, he won’t say anything but Kiros would tell you that he says something like, “It’s a good thing you don’t look like your father”. AND when you talk to Laguna, he will say that he has something very important to tell you when you’re done with your mission… wonder what could that be? Hmmm.


  • At the end of Final Fantasy X, Yuna will proclaim to Tidus that she loves him. However in the Japanese version Yuna will simply thank him. This change was to make up for cultural differences.

    The best part of X, you play through the first time, and you are Tidus, trying to be optimistic about saving the world. The second time, you are Yuna. Trying to smile as you feel like crying. Saddest love story ever 😥
  • If you wait till after the credits at the end of X, there is a special but very short scene. That short scene directly connects X and X-2.


  • Caius putting Yeul to rest in the waters of Valhalla at the start of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an allusion to the scene in Final Fantasy VII where Cloud does the same for Aerith at the Forgotten Capital.6

Among all the FF Titles, Final Fantasy VIII has the best fan theories and these two are so believable, I want them to be true.

  • Rinoa = Ultimecia. Although already denied by Square, I still find it believable especially after reading that in Centra, Rinoa contemplates the idea of fighting everyone and being killed by Squall and saying, “I guess it’s okay if it’s you Squall. No one else.”. Also in Dissidia,  Ultimecia’s exclusive weapons all share the same names as Rinoa’s exclusive weapons: Valkyrie, Cardinal, Shooting Star. Is Square confusing us or … ?
  • Squall is dead. This theory states that Squall has been dead since Disc 1 and the whole game was entirely a dream. I have a love-hate feeling for this theory. I don’t believe it entirely because it’s depressing af but it’s a good read. Here’s a link to the detailed theory if you want to know more: squallsdead

Care to share more FF facts and theories with me? These are things I would want to happily discuss with anyone online so if you’re interested, you can either comment down below or message me 🙂


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